Talks & Workshops

05/24: SMC 2024, Edinburgh.

07/23: European Meeting of Statisticians, Warsaw.

03/23: Bayes Comp 2023, Levi.

12/22: On Future Trends and Opportunities for Monte Carlo methods, Warsaw.

06/22: Institute of Mathematical Statistics Annual Meeting, London.

06/22: British Mathematical Colloquium, London.

02/22: Computational Probability Seminar, KAUST.

10/21: Bayes at CIRM, Marseille.

03/21: Laplace’s Demon, online.

01/20: Bayes Comp 2020, Florida.

07/19: Seminar, Monash University.

07/19: Seminar, University of Adelaide.

07/19: MCM 2019, Sydney.

07/19: Seminar, UNSW.

07/19: Seminar, Queensland Institute of Technology.

03/19: Computer Science Seminar, University of Exeter.

09/18: Statistics Seminar, Bocconi University, Milan.

08/18: Bayesian Computation for High-Dimensional Statistical Models, National University of Singapore.

07/18: IMS Annual Meeting on Probability and Statistics, Vilnius.

06/18: Stochastic Colloquium, University of Göttingen.

06/18: Simulation and Probability Workshop, Centre Henri Lebesgue, Rennes.

05/18: UK–India Frontiers of Science, Royal Society at Chicheley Hall.

05/18: Workshop on Particle Methods and Data Assimilation, Imperial College London.

03/18: Bayes Comp 2018, Barcelona.

07/17: Scalable Inference, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

05/17: Statistics Seminar, University of Bath.

02/17: Validating and expanding approximate Bayesian computation methods, BIRS workshop, Banff.

02/17: HPC and Big Data, London.

01/17: Statistics Seminar, University of York.

01/17: Statistics Seminar, King’s College London.

06/16: MCMC and Diffusion Techniques Workshop, Alan Turing Institute.

04/16: SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, Lausanne.

03/16: Statistics Seminar, University of Bristol.

02/16: Probabilistic Programming Workshop, Alan Turing Institute.

02/16: Probability, stochastic modelling and financial mathematics Seminar, University of Leeds.

01/16: MCMSki 5, Lenzerheide.

12/15: NIPS Workshop on Scalable Monte Carlo for Big Data, Montreal.

08/15: SMC 2015 Workshop, Paris.

06/15: Bayesian Inference for Big Data 2015, University of Oxford.

05/15: Econometrics Workshops, University of Surrey.

02/15: Machine Learning Seminar, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.

02/15: Statistics Seminar, Imperial College London.

04/14: Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Inference Problems, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

03/14: i-like Workshop, University of Oxford.

03/14: Applied Mathematics Seminar, University of Leicester.

03/14: Advances in Scalable Bayesian Computation, BIRS workshop, Banff.

01/14: Statistics Seminar, Newcastle University.

01/14: Statistics Seminar, University of Cambridge.

01/14: MCMSki IV, Chamonix.

09/13: RSS Int’l Conference 2013, Newcastle.

08/13: Joint Statistical Meeting 2013, Montreal.

07/13: European Meeting of Statisticians, Budapest.

05/13: ABC in Rome.

04/13: Compstats Talk, Lancaster University.

01/13: Statistics Seminar, National University of Singapore.

12/12: Winter Simulation Conference 2012, Berlin.

12/12: ERCIM 2012, Oviedo.

10/12: Statistics Seminar, University of Glasgow.

09/12: RSS Int’l Conference 2012, Telford.

07/12: CMIS Seminar, Perth.

06/12: ISBA 2012, Kyoto.

04/12: Statistics Seminar, University of Bristol.

04/12: Confronting Intractability in Statistical Inference, University of Bristol.

03/12: Statistics Seminar, University of Kent.

02/12: OeRC GPU Seminar, Unviersity of Oxford.

02/12: Recent Advances in Monte Carlo Methods, Royal Statistical Society.

01/12: GPUs in Computational Statistics, University of Warwick.

08/11: JSM 2011, Miami.

06/11: Statistics Seminar, Imperial College London.

06/11: Greek Stochastics Meeting, Crete.

03/11: Monte Carlo Methods Workshop, University of Warwick.

08/10: Greek Stochastics Meeting, Lefkada.

06/10: Valencia 9, Benidorm (with Chris Holmes).

02/10: SIAM PP10, Seattle.

11/09: Signal Processing Seminar, University of Cambridge.

08/09: Greek Stochastics Meeting, Lefkada.